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listen to the jingle jangle of my gypsy tambouriiine


fiw songs are so good if it weren’t for the fact that its about the death of her parents and her sad orphan life and all I’d petition to have them on the show ngl

txepvi said: sunshine and celery stalks is my happy place

I love sunshine and celery stalks and flutterwonder and trixie’s good side

magic by tombstone is really good too aaa..

I was trying to imitate your blog sprite dress but wasn’t sure how it would look on the backkkk

I LOVE IT and thats basically it yeah everything has to have..a lot of bows always… I LOVE IT A LOT 

sorry everyone I’m really sick and pretty down but I am slowly working on request and aaa ty this cheered me up a lot!! it sso scute…

I hope your day goes well and you're doing great. You're an amazing person with amazing art skills that you've worked very hard on.
~ Anonymous

gosh thank you anon!!! // ///

I actually have a pretty long day of battling the school board and transportation with my mom b ut I’m enjoying this bit lri ght  now - hol y dang its 4 in the morning goodnight folks I am going