hey guys I got this week’s schedule and I’m working 8-10 hours all week with only one day off so I might not be too talkative 

nsfw, art I guess, azulis, or lazulis idk, my manager went on vacation and didn't tell me, or tell me she was going to make me work 2x my agreed time as a part timer, isn't she lovely, I also got harassed by drunk guys all day yesterday?? what is it about sundays and drunk people, I was supposed to help my mom get ready for the trip too, 'I've always wanted to be with an indian/dominican/exotic girl', you got me thats it I am head over heels with you and your putrid alcohol ridden breathe, lets get married right now 50somethingyo guy you got me like an arrow straight to the heart, I forgot that I am the last dominican or dark skin girl in the must be going through so much, trying to experience a miracle before we go completely extinct from global warming :(, also during group number 3 of drunk guys bothering me someone was playing who let the dogs out outside, it was so fitting, GET BACK GRUFFY GET BACK SCRUFFY GET BACK YOU FLEA INFESTED MONGREL, speaking about dogS, THE LADY WITH THE CHOWS WAS THERE YESTERDAY AND LIKE ALWAYS SHE BROUGHT HER PUPS WITH HER AND I WAS SO HAPPY ?!!, THE BABY IS SO BIG NOW HE IS ALMOST AS BIG AS HIS DAD AND ALL HAPPY AND WAGGY AND FLUFFY, AND HIS DAD IS THIS BIG SERIOUS STORM CLOUD DOG ANDI LOVE HIM TOO!!!, I LOVE DOGS, THIS DOGS CAN BE LET OUT AND SENT TO ME ANYTIME ANYDAY, ok talk to yall tomorrow or maybe wednesday, I might respond very late though, I hate this job, but I love every pet owner that goes there to talk to me about their pets, someone brought me their bearded dragons once, I also love .., I'm a big fat furry p.o.s don't look at me, .

quick thing from the fursona generator because I slept all day 

"divine panther. it is melting. it comes from space."

how I became the sea

Free headshot time



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This is the headshot base that I sketched up, it will be full color.

Ending once I find a character I really like, and if I don’t choose your character it doesn’t mean it’s bad! Different likes for different people.



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“‘You become a fool the moment you choose to ignore the knowledge presented to you.’ Ok, peeps, if you are advised that something you are feeding your fuzzy might possibly be bad for their health, don’t get offended. Research it! “If I can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes every once in awhile, it’s not that harmful…” and feeding ice cream and fruit loops to my ferret “every once in a while” won’t hurt them! Do you have any idea how SIMPLE a ferret’s body is? It’s no where near the same as a human’s body. It IS harmful and it WILL effect them long-term. Be grateful that others care enough to want to educate you if you’re potentially doing something wrong”- Aprildirt

Please do not feed your ferret human food.

//- This post hurts me so much, seeing those poor ferrets eating that sugary crap.

Ferrets are OBLIGATE CARNIVORES. This means the only food their system is made to handle is meat. Meat, bones, fur - the parts of the animals they would normally eat in the wild. Hell, even most ferret food advertised as being for ferrets isn’t good enough as it’s full of corn, wheat and other things that will take a toll on the ferret’s body in the long term.

If you want your fuzzy friend to lead a long, healthy life please please PLEASE do your research and look into the various diseases these little guys can get. That ‘ice cream here or there’ might be what causes them to develop insulinoma which is expensive to treat!

The notes are restoring my faith in ferrents.

Guh! Please people… Listen to this information. Don’t do it!!!

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